Harris Family Photos

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You are welcome to copy and save any of these photos for your own personal use.  If, however, you will be using them for publication, please note the source from which they came. (Connie Lynn Ragsdale)

The Majority of these photos were given to me by Dora Parlie Harris.

The people in most of these photos were identified by her.

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Mary Jane Standridge Hendrix

Fannie Hendrix Harris

Jesse Asberry and Mary

Adeline Patterson Cowan

Mary A. Cowan holding

one of Columbus' children.

George Ann Freeman and

Fannie Hendrix Harris

Frank and Rachel Cowan Bacum

and Children

Frank and Rachel Cowan Bacum

with only son Lloyd

Frank and Rachel Cowan Bacum

with daughter-in-law May Bell

Zeb and Julie Cowan

Boy ?

Jim and Berthie Patterson with

Charles and Clyde

Johnny and Dora Patterson

Williams and Children

Johnny and Dora Patterson

Williams and Children

Johnny and Dora Patterson

Lived in this house.  Picture

taken about 1935.

John and Annie Tilley Miller

and Child (Willie ?)

Bessie Tilley

Article about Benton Tilley's

Return home


Virgil and Blance Cowan Kosier

Jesse Monroe Cowan holding

Dow Cowan

Jesse Monroe Cowan and

Ethal Pierce

Jesse Monroe Cowan

Bert and Dora Harris

Dora Parlie Cowan Harris

Charlottie Medlock and

Toy Cowan with child

Blanch Cowan Kosier and son

Jessie Ray Gillett

Unknown Man with Dow Cowan

Jimmie Dow Cowan

Gurvis Lee "Bodie" Harris

Pirley Nan and Shirley Ann


Shirley Ann and Pirley Nan


Pirley Nan Harris

Jessie Ray Gillett

Article about Jessie Gillett and

daughter drowning.

George Washington Harris

Fannie Hendrix Tilley Harris

Jim and Laura Patterson

with Lilitha Jane Knuckles Patterson

Back - Wash, Bessie, Benton,

and Maggie Tilley.

Front - Bert, George W., Minnie,

Fannie and Lena Harris.  Annie

holding Willie (?) and John Miller.

Dora Parlie Cowan and

Bert Harris.

Jesse A. and Mary Adeline

Patterson Cowan.

Dora Parlie Cowan Harris

Bert Harris

Mary Adeline Patterson Cowan

Mary Jane Davis Cowan